Monday, December 19, 2005

Choices and Turns

I was roaming the city with friends yesterday and took the following picture:

This is about the choices we have to make in life and turns we have to take. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Photography

For little more than 3 months I have been involved in photography, meaning artistic photography. As long as I remember myself I have been attracted to the camera and depiction of world on the film through viewfinder, but only recently decided to give it a serious try. I'm far from the thought that yet I'm getting somewhere. Currently I'm in the process of learning the technical stuff, principles of composition, light and shadows, etc. My current camera is old Russian "Zenit 11" with Helios 44 optics. It is film camera and quite good one too. I shoot everything: people, streets, nature, landscapes...everything. From time to time I will be placing here the photos I took and hope those who will visit this blog will comment on them. I take photos which reflect realities of lives notwithsdanding the country or place one lives in, so I hope the results of my artistic work will be appealing to audiences from different nations and cultures.

Heres one of the first pics I took in summer 2005. This is how I saw the sky from little unusual perspective. Hope you will like it. (you have to click on the pic to see it full size)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Flood in Georgia

Currently the bad news is the flood and its results in the western part of Georgia. It took lives of people and left many without housing and land. Water affected the inner parts of major western Georgian cities including Poti, Zugdidi and Ozurgeti and due to the lack of the functional drainage system (which has been under development for at least 8 yeasr now !!! ) many houses are severely damaged. Storms damaged the coastline of Adjara and left many people homeless there too. Any kind of access to several villages is cut off. Government is trying to help the victims and doing everything possible, but I think this assistance will not leave the victims happy. Anyway, lets see.

The world is changing, i mean ecology. Such storms and floods were never expected in Georgia, nevetheless the nature made its move. I certainly hope that everything will settle down in a way it should be.

Who I am

I'm David, from Tbilisi, Georgia. Why I made this blog? One reason I know for sure is that I have something to say and I know there are lots of people out there who will share my thoughts. I will not be too serious, or too funny, I will try to be realistic. I will write and share with the audience the life I live, life my country and my friends live, about what I want to do and achieve and why. I will try to make assumptions and will be looking forward for your critical thoughts. To make it shorter, I want to be amont people who care about present and look forward to future. Also I will introduce to everybody Georgia through stories and photos. I will try to be interesting, lets see where it will lead us.